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meu jogo cafeland nao abre mais,gastei mt dinheiro nele e quero ter acesso novamente.

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I play my game cafeland world kitchen and I updated it like it told me now I can't get the app to stay open why is this
Can't add neighbors NIR can someone add me ..tried everything
N carrega ...está dando erro
I can’t purchase dollars ever since the update if I try it throws me off the game then I have to go back and reopen it anyone else having this problem?
I refilled my floor cleaner , my stove cleaner and my tip collector . Afterwards I updated my game and came back on to play and had lost the refills and the cash or tickets werent refunded either . I pay for packages because I love the game but I want to be refunded the money and tickets I spent for the 7 days of my 3 items
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