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Mother's day Marco

A lot of us were bummed last year that we didn't get a mother's day Marco and mini game. Hopefully we get one this year since the date corresponds better to Marco.
My friends in the Fashland Fairplay Community fan group came up with some ideas.


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another cute retro hat would be nice 


If you need help completing quests Topaz you are welcome to add me! Also, the members of my fan group are all pretty helpful.

When they do come around with the quest I hope it won't be complex to complete. I can do without the asking friends for stuff especially when they are back to back and part of each session. Love the outfits but the green one is my favorite. The jacket could be placed in the accessories category or in a new category geared toward standalone items; jackets, sweaters, vests, cardigans, etc.

Vogue did a very pretty mother's day photo shoot

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