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Cosplay inspiration

New Cosplay design tv show coming to Sy Fy channel.  Should be great inspiration for cosplay and fantasy items.

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Wishful thinking at best. There a lot of players at disadvantage due to being able to afford diamonds to obtain the items needed to create mind blowing combos. That and the key rewards system doesn't change very little variety will surface.

I have created several looks that were creative, original and fit with the theme as I'm familiar with. Every single time, FL dolls with that curly hair and Seasonal Outfits keep winning. Sorry to rant but this is the only game that I've played where the fashion competition has little logic in regards to how players dress and win.

That aside, the show looks promising and I'm so glad it takes place outside of the visiting -cons arena. Finally a show I can look forward too. Thanks for the heads up Susan.

My biggest gripe about voting is that everyone is obsessed with what style goes with what theme.  Example, people won't vote for the sailor and polka dot swim suits in Hawaii, or yacht deck, because they are in the 'retro' style.  Or they won't vote for the limited item wedding gowns during Wedding Aisle, because they are 'seasonal' and not 'bridal.'So frustrating!  But I will keep trying!!

I would LOVE to see a Marco with the Ghobusters! 


I don't watch it myself, but some Game of Thrones inspired outfits would be great!  (I especially would love armor!)


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