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Issues with "Report a problem" anyone?

I have completed many side offers to get diamonds and a lot of them have not paid me diamonds in game. I have waited weeks on my payment and gotten nothing (yes I spent money in other games to get diamonds here also) Is anyone else having issues with the "report a problem" in the diamonds payment offer area?

Whenever I click report a problem it just tells me to contact Fashland support and Fashland support just tells me to contact Trialpay and Trialpay just tells me to contact Fashland. I won't spend any more money on this game unless the Fashland staff actually resolve my issue :/

(end rant)

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Hello i won the first place in Global yesterday and i was not at home to open fashland and see it. I group told me i won. when i opened Fashland i did not receive my diamonds of my winning. Can i ge tthem please?


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