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New Clothes

I'm the creator of a Fashland Group, and all of my members have been asking the same question - that I'm sadly unable to answer. They all want to know if, when we are going to get new clothing items - beyond the ones provided by Marco and the mini-games? 

The reason for this is that the same clothes are placing in Global once again, and you've worked so hard to get away from that problem.


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Affordable new clothes that don't cost diamonds nor actual cash (like the recent release). 

Anywho, new clothes do surface every once in a while but they aren't what you call advertised. Despite this, most of the new items cost diamonds of which not many players are willing to part with at this time. Wouldn't mind seeing some new items that are more items for the fantasy, royal and masculine categories; like separates, accessories and shoes.

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I am also an administrator of a large Fashland Group and have Not seen any new clothing for quite some time now. The few articles of clothing which say " new " are not because they have indicated that are new for almost a year!    Sadly they only to obtain new ensembles are via " Quest" and this aquisition is only every two weeks. There used be a diverse selection of clothing, what happened. It was  so exciting to go shopping for new clothes ( just like in real everyday life)... We need more hats also but in general we require more clothing my members are waiting with baited breath for some New and Exciting Fashions. Thank You

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Why must we wait 2 weeks to receive a new outfit via Marco's quest or Bingo.. I really love this game but there is not the diverse range of new clothing that existed before. There used to be a continuous assortment of new ensembles before but simply 2 outfits ( per completion of a quest or bingo) so disappointing...Perhaps you could shorten the length of the quest are add additional new clothing. Thanks.

I agree 100% with both of you - we need more clothes that cost keys, or for them to give us a way to earn diamonds that doesn't involve buying them or winning Global.

A big thanks to the devs, we've gotten some really cute new outfits and not all of them are diamonds!

However there are still a lot of styles that don't have many options, like Fantasy, Avant Garde, and houte couture..

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My Fan group, Fashland Fairplay Community voted on some lovely formal dresses.  Blush/rose is a really hot color trend right now.  2 and 4 were the group favorites.  


Ooh, I love dresses 2 + 3. I believe the developers would say something about dress 1 + 4 and translating them to the game. :P

Need more design cloths but thats not incluid with gems...need more colourful dress ..jwellary etc...need new collection of shoes n bags...more pink ,red,blue n colourfull dresses

Hi, we could really use new items for coin purchase.  I don't know about other players that have been around for a while, but I have bought everything hair, face, clothes, etc there is to buy with coins.  Thanks!

Me again, it's been a while since we've had anything new for key purchase!  Maybe some new fun spring styles? 

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