Updates - 8/17/16

Here are today's updates:

Exotic Elegance SeasonalQuest

  • Tropical Ombre Set Mini Game
  • Tropical/Exotic themed decoration
  • 3 New Hairstyles
  • 2 New Lips
  • 4 new events (Candle Light Dinner, Shibuya Nights, Dance Competition, Peaceful Yoga Studio)

Have fun! :)

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Thank you!! 

Can we please get some lips that are more natural looking? I'm not a big fan of these Kardashian lips we've been getting lately. Thanks!

I know this is an old update post, but I just want to know when are we getting the limited bridal top that matches the skirt we got a few weeks ago? I've been waiting for it and still no signs of it :( I just hope I didn't miss it! 

Thank you!!

Hi Jenn,

The top matching the embellished bridal skirt will be in limited sale next week. :)

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yay!!  can't wait to get it!

Thank you!! :)

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