Updates - 6/8/16

 Here are today's updates:

- Galactic Fashionista Seasonal Quest
- Avant Garde Angel Mini Game

- Smokey Eye Shadow Palette
- New Limited Sale Bridal Fashion
- 2 new Lips

- 3 new Hairstyles

- 1 new Eye Shape

- Expansion up tp 40x40

- Some Hairstyles were updated with new styles

matching the recently added ones

Have fun! :)

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why did you guys have to ruin some of the best hairstyles? :( the big puffy one was perfect the way it was, the updated version doesn't look as good. I think the best thing would have been to add it as a new hairstyle. Some of the other ones were also better the way they were, they now look like our dolls didn't have time to brush their hair lol please don't change them anymore, if we have bought them is because we like them the way they are.

and as always, can't wait for the limited sale!! 

Nice stuff Marco and minigames bring this time. And also good with new things besides that.
But this hair was perfect for 20's cabaret. Now its no good - dont like it at all. I dont think its ok to change something we have bought for diamonds.


(31.9 KB)

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Hm...I must be the only person who likes the revamped hairstyles. They make the hair look more dimensional - which makes me more interested in using them now. 

I also love the new eye shape - it gives the illusion of having eye-liner on the bottom. 

I'm also loving the fact that you're adding items that don't require diamonds to get. Thanks!

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I think the new appearance is nice. Was very pleased to see the new looks; its a nice little revamp.

Hi, I would like to know when is the limited bridal skirt going to be available? I thought it was going to be on sale before the current wedding theme.


Hi Jenn,

It will be on sale tomorrow.


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