Updates - 1/20/16


Here are today's updates:

* Chinese NYE inspired seasonal collection.

* Chinese NYE Cherry Blossom collection.

* Snow White Inspired Limited Item Sale (available on Thursday)


The red bow is coming. The apple, good idea! Maybe!


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Hi, so it's Thursday night for me and I didn't see any limited sale :/ I also didn't see the limited sale we had a few weeks ago! Could something be wrong with my game? 

It would be great if you would offer older seasonal clothing for those who haven't been playing that long.At least they should be available for purchase 

that's great! thanks Emily! :) 

Hi Jenn, I will look into it. That limited sale should have shown up by now.


yes, it's showing up now!! thank you!! :)

thanks for the update! 

can't wait for the snow white limited sale!! I hope it's clothes!!! :D

can we please get a red bow to go with the snow white dress? and maybe an apple for our avatars hands? thank you :) 

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