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FashCup Bug?

 Hi there dear developers, What's happening at the fash cup? why the Fash Cup theme "Fashion Show" keeps on repeating?? is this a bug? please we want to know about this. we, the fashland player confuse. Thank you.

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We have all been dressing our dolls for the fashion show for a couple of days but the current voting seems to be for the haunted house. The next Fashcup has us dressing for the Art Gallery but it should be the Red Carpet now - will we find our dolls dressed wrong again?


People are still confused with the contest theme mess. It has been a technical issue on our side. So sorry about that! We arranged the ordering and turn it back to normal but since it's fixed with the original ordering, top 10 and voting have the themes of the original ordering. The results may not be accurate and appropriate in the next Top 10. That's why we changed the theme of the next contest and made it "Art Gallery" since the previous top 10 has the Fashion Photo Shoot theme. Please feel free to submit your looks that matches the Art Gallery theme.


Depuis quelques temps je ne peux plus accéder à l'arène de la mode. Je perds les quêtes journalières et celles de la semaine. Quelqu'un peut m'aider ?
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