Updates 9/16/15

Today's Updates:


* Added Vintage Golf Apparel Seasonal Quest.

* Added Masculine Painter Style Bingo Game.

* Added "Progress" arrow for Seasonal Quest progresses.

* Added Cheater Ban system.




* Improved the request traffic for promotional stand builds.

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Hello Emily,

I've been getting this error after the update and it seems that other people are getting it too, I have refreshed several times and it's still the same. 

glad to hear about the cheater ban system!! don't know what kind of cheats people are using, but it's nice to see you guys are taking care of it! :)

I have same problem going on. and same things show like that

Me too :( I wonder what's wrong?

Hi all, we are aware of the problem and working on it now. Hang in there!


 hello, I have that problem yet, "unexpected error occurred" two days ago. my other facebook does not appear, do not know how to fix it, it is a problem of the game ?, thanks

I do not have the free promo stands in my inventory yet?  I have completed 16 promo stands already, thank you.

When is the new level going to come out 281?

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