Updates - 7/8/15

 Here are today's updates:


*  Added Innovative Neon Fashion Week Seasonal Quest (22.07.2015 - 05.08.2015)

*  Added Retro Bathing Suit Bingo Game (22.07.2015 - 05.08.2015)

*  Added Gothic Wedding Fashion Slots (05.08.2015 - 19.08.2015)

*  Added new clothes and accessories.

*  Added new wallpapers, floor tiles and 1 clothing rack.


*  Fixed Ask Friends button in Marco quest.

*  Fixed Event Requests Problem.

*  Added logs for Neighbors Problem to understand the core of the problem.


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We need more summer /cute outfits instead all this time super hero outfit. Is it possible to make it bit better and nice looking outfit too??

I like the super hero costumes! it would be nice if you could make a catwoman costume too!! and since we're doing cosplay and all, how about some anime inspired clothes too? preferably in pink :D oh, and a long pigtail hairstyle to go with it!

And please, make this hairstyle in a 2 toned color, I'm not a fan of the multi colored one! thanks :)

Thank you for all that is being done. All quest are great, loving all the outfits and love the new outfits to come!!! 

I was so excited about the Gothic Wedding outfit, but it's not what I expected :( I was hoping for a long black lacy wedding dress, but instead we got an outfit that Madonna could have worn in the 80's lol and no black rose bouquet? how can it be a wedding outfit without a bouquet? :( 

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