Updates - 6/24/15

Here are today's updates.


* Added 4th of July Seasonal Quest (24.06.2015 - 08.07.2015)

* Added Cosplay Seasonal Quest (08.07.2015 - 22.07.2015)

* Added Lady Wonder Bingo Game (24.06.2015 - 08.07.2015)

* Added Cyborg Girl Spin Game (08.07.2015 - 22.07.2015)

* Added New Hairstyle with Multi Colours

* Added New Eye Shadows

* Added New Limited Dress Sales

* Added New Contest Theme (Cosplay)

* Added Daily Coin Share Popup

* Added New Offer Designs (will be available after tomorrow)

Important Notice:

* Changed the working style of the task "Enter Fash Cup". From now on, not all the tasks for entering Fash Cup will be completed in the seasonal quests. You'll have to enter a new contest to complete the following "Enter Fash Cup" tasks. We believe this is much more fair :)

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Oh my gosh, thank you Fashland team! I LOVE Wonder Woman and I love the new Bingo! Whoever did the outfit did a really great job :)

Hi, can you please give the picture of the new theme for the super heroes cosplay?? Please?? 

Is it possible to have new make up to unlock it with keys instead only with diamonds?

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Can we please get a Cat-Woman (from Batman) as a Slots game!


I'm not a huge fan of the multi colored hairstyles, I think the 2 toned (like the previous ones) are better! Is there a chance to make the new wavy hairstyle in a 2 toned color too? Thanks! :) 

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