Updates - 6/10/15

Hi there! Here are today's updates.

* Indian Style Ceremony Collection seasonal set

* Steampunk Fashion Slots

* New hairstyles

* New eye styles.

* New multi-color hair styles. (keep in mind that this is a test run. Can be changed in the following updates according to the player feedback)


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Thank you! I love both Marco and Slots outfits!! and also the new 28 diamond hairstyle!! its soooo perfect!!! 

and by the way the "collect from promotion stands" in Marco's part 2 isn't counting, could you guys please check it out? 

Hi Jenn,

Thanks for letting us know about the quest problem. We are working on it now. :)


Thank you

The quest should be working properly. Thanks again for reporting.


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Thanks for fixing it :)

thank you for the new new things i love them all 

and i have some suggestions we want some new stuff with keys because it's  really hard to get diamond and i love the new hair style but the price is too high, and another think it's going to be really good if you add new marco quest with an arabic outfile it's going to be the month of ramadan in few days and it's like holiday in our religion we will be so happy if there is something arabic like caftan or abaya with arabic accessories thanks again and i hope you will add some arabic stuff you're the best game ever :* ♥

Hello. After the update many players faced the problem with the list of neighbors - it does not show at all (so, it became even worse than it was)! Secondly, there is the problem with HELP ALL button. It also does not work! Please, fix as soon as possible. Thanks.

Okay, so I picked up 2 of the new hairstyles, the new long asymmetrical style, and the long hair two tone style. I like them both a lot, some of the two tone differences aren't obvious at all though, especially white under the punk craze colors. Also, do they always have to use their inverse color on the wheel? Red and purple is good, but why is every "high society" just a slightly different shade of green to go with the red, for example. I'd like red and blue, or red and yellow or red and white, or red and anything else considering how gentle the gradient is on the reds, and how close they are to eachother. I'm sure the same can be said for other gradiating haircolors like "blond of fame" and I'm guess you can hardly tell its there with the platinums, ( don't have access to those color swatches yet.)

ALSO, this is a note about the previous new eyeshows, a lot of them are very solid in color and completely bump of the face on the left hand side, meaning that unless you want it to look like a mask instead of eyeshadow you can only use long hairs with it. Now, the eye-shadow comes off the face on some of the other eye-shadows too, but since they are partially transparent unless your using the biggest heaviest darkest eyeshadow you can't really tell, but with these new ones, it gets pretty obvious with half of them. The pearl dot eyes aren't as bad but still noticeable if you're looking, and the tricolor stays in the lines, but the dark rings and the butterfly like one just hang right over the side of your face. It's annoying, and it's supposed to be eye-shadow, so it really shouldn't be doing that at all on any of them, and it limits the variety of combinations that can be made by looking ridiculous with any of the super short or bang-less up dos. I'm particularly sad it doesn't look right with the ponytail dreads, as an example to see what I'm talking about. 

That's my review of the new, and slightly less new products I've purchased in the store.

Hopefully it comes off as helpful and not snotty or picky :)

Love the new items

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