Announcement - We're Adding More Quests!

 Hi all!

I just wanted to let you know that we are in the process of adding more quests for high-level players, with some of the new tasks listed here:

More Quests

This is your last chance to have your say in the kind of quests you'd like to see and whether or not you think any tasks would be too hard. Would you rather get many quests that are easy to do or less quests that take a bit longer to achieve (like accomplishments)? Let us know about that and anything else you'd like in the next few weeks. Our target date for the new quests (above level 150) is at the end of June.

Thanks for your input!

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Okay, sorry If I overthink things, I know I do. I majored in game art and design and that means I can be quite picky for someone playing a facebook game. 

I like quests that give me more of a reason to vote than just keys, voting can get monotonous quickly and lately I've built up a couple thousand heartbeats without feeling there's any urgency to use them.. I actually would like to suggest a kind of quest that hasn't been done before, which I think might spice up the quests for more experienced players who know their way around the fashcup and probably most of the time just spam through giving quick votes for more keys. Once you have enough heartbeats there's no incentive to make anything but instinctual choices, because the consequences for being wrong are low. 

So, why not make a task that involves getting so many "correct" votes in a row. A user trying to accomplish this task will spend more time examining the outfits, and hopefully thereby make more thoughtful decisions, promoting a better result in the fashcup. For higher level players who have been around longer, they should have access to many votes easily, and little to do with their keys afterwards. 

I've actually been thinking about this for a while, because I know I spam votes out, and I've only been playing a couple of months, (somewhat obsessively, as my level 155 in that time shows) and most of the time I'm right, but if my split second decision is wrong.. I just don't mind. In a fashion contest, that seems like it might skew results. With only 60-80 votes average per player, every vote counts. By asking your more experienced players to take more time decision making, we might even see some new results in older categories.

Unrelated, but on the same topic of rewarding correct votes, maybe you could think of something to encourage players to vote correctly who aren't just higher level, like some sort of streak bonus, even if you don't go with this idea for any quests. I've seen multiple complaints about how the fashcup votes can favor people pinned against less fashionable avatars while others are paired with too close of matches to the point where you're deciding whether you like one shade of lipstick better. This feels like a soft fix, it wouldn't intrude on the system already in place, but would make users feel like more was invested into the fashcup than just yes/no twitch. 

Just some, probably overlycomplicated, thoughts.

I'm not a fan of quests because they are boring and feel like a chore :/ but I do them anyway because I don't like to have too many icons on my screen, as they block my view.  If you are adding them, you should do what Mea suggested and add quests that we haven't done before (so that they are less boring), I don't know what to suggest but I have to say I have really enjoyed the earn tiara points and keys tasks we've got in Marco recently, if you could add tasks like that it would be great, just increase the amount of tiaras/keys needed to complete. :)  

I don't like the suggestion to make us vote for the "correct" outfit, if this gets added it will be like the old fashcup days when the same clothes won all the time. The results have gotten a lot better and we have more variety than before, so please don't take us back to that.

And please, less "ask friends for help" tasks, they are too boring because all we have to do is wait for our friends to reply. 

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I'm confused by that Jen, just slightly, the current system already rewards players for voting "correctly" who matches the theme best according to user votes, so there's no change to the system itself being made in my suggestion, just a reward for doing so consecutively. Unless your saying you don't like the current fashcup system at all?

I've been playing for a year and half now, and while the FashCup system and voting has gotten a lot better (no more 10 purple leotards on Global for all the sport themes!), it's still not that great. The same looks keep winning for each theme, i.e. the red plaid shirt in Apple Orchard, the red see through skirt for 80s Disco and 20s Cabaret, the pink tutu for Dance Studio and Graffiti Street...I could go on for practically every theme we have. The FashCup, especially voting, has gotten boring (at least in my opinion) so I don't really want to see new quests that require a bunch of voting.

What I'd really like to see is some kind of completely new feature. I remember when Bingo and Slots first came out, it was so fun and exciting to have something new to do, but we haven't gotten anything new like that since then. I'd also like to see NEW clothes and accessories more often, not just recolors.

But since this question is about quests, I guess the only thing I can think of that I'd like to see with new ones is having clothes/accessories as a reward for completing them, not just XP and coins. I miss looking forward to unlocking new items as I finished quests and leveled up. 

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I've been playing for over a year & a half. I'm at game level 290, Tiara level 4679. I've got all the shop expansions I can get, all the promotion  displays as well. I just got my Fash Queen tiara, so I really have no need to enter the Fashcup except for fun.Give us something fresh & new! Us older players need more room in our shops! More racks & tables to sell stuff! I would like for us to have a side shop where we can buy, sell, or trade items with each other. Maybe quests for more shop expansions! Let us be able to sell stuff we don't & can't use in order to buy more stuff. Do away with the current themes & give us all new ones! Give us another way to earn keys! Give us a way to earn diamonds besides 'winning' the Fashcup! There's a sewing machine in the Chic Lists. Let us be able to "sew" clothes with it! Have different items to make & different times it will be ready & a different cost for each! We could make & sell our creations in our shops! Now that would be cool!

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Oh sorry, I thought you meant "correctly" as in "vote for what people have voted before you" which is what we were asked to do when the game first started, the system has changed (or at least the text in the voting screen lol) and we now vote for what we like or what we think matches the game. Anyway, I thought you wanted to take us back to that time were we had to vote for the same old clothes just so we could earn a key! :D

For the reward of completing the quest - new product is great. I am at level 173, and am not looking forward to reaching 200, because there will be no more clothing. 

For quest-I do like the types when playing Marco right now. they are slightly more challenging. Asking for help from friends does not bother me at all, I have a large enough Fashland friend base to send those request to, I can get thru those quickly. 

1) One of the task could be to collect so many coins on certain promo stands during the task- But please make note: the problem I have with the promo stands, they drag my game down, I cant keep them all up at one time.I have to decide which ones I want to collect on and put the rest back in inventory. I noticed in Mila's house only a few are out, so I took the idea from there. 

2) Make way for more product displays - I like having the larger number of products to display on the floor as a task, but you would need  increase the number of display racks and tables to existing floor plans. But larger stores? No way, with that idea, have you seen some of the stores? They are so crammed up, people need to "clean house",such a filt. Place excess deco in inventory OR  3) Sell off to earn coins could be a possible task, but then I wouldnt know how people would feel about that. To me it is just stuff that takes up space that does not do a thing to help you in the game. Sure it is suppose to look cute, but take a look at the stores, not working out there. I sold off stuff, earned my coins and only keep promo stands as my deco with my display racks and tables. I have reached a lot of my easy chick list requirements that I dont need all that excess on the floor now. 

4) Events photos - As a task, to take the photo with required specific clothing. Previously for example, there is a task for wearing 3 seasonal pieces, just include that photo needs/required to be taken with those required peices. It would be optional for us to post to our wall and what type of privacy setting we ourselves choose to use. If the photo event were to include our neighbors, they would not be required to wear certain peices, it would just be the one with completing the task to do so.

That is all I can think of right now, but I may be back.

For the following part: Would you rather get many quests that are easy to do or less quests that take a bit longer to achieve (like accomplishments)? 

Why not both, every other one easy to get thru. Since the XP amounts are larger to reach, both would be ideal so that way we are not getting thru the task to fast. And if you have the task that have us display 2 day clothing, that in itself gets us half way with XP. So it should work out all the way around.

I agree with Debby, we need more room in our stores, we don't need anymore promotion stands, some new clothes and accessories would be great. I think the pricier the item the longer the quest, the less pricey the shorter the quest.

Hey, I know that these things take time, but since it's been just under a month since the original date that was mentioned, I thought I'd check in and ask how things are going? OTHER than promo stands I've managed to  catch up (I think) So that piqued my curiosity. :)

Hi Mea,

Approximately 30 new quests are ready for upper levels, and they are hard! So, to compensate, we are working on neat prizes for completing these difficult quests. I think it'll be a couple more weeks until they are released.


Hi! I saw that when completed quests Marco seaseonal only give us XP and coins that do not include decorations or seasonal items heartbeat Marco in missions?

Moreover also propose that for advanced players (210) coin reward more and at least 10 keys each time they level up or else please include more articles of clothing or accessories if they are not ocuren I have many ideas of designs !!

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