Updates - 5/27/15


* Added Summer Essentials quest

* Added Masculine style Bingo game

* Added re-colored clothes and accessories to the NEW category.

* Added 2 NEW eyeshadow style.

* Added NEW lipstick style.

* Added NEW limited sales for the dates below (with surprise new dresses)

03.06 - 10.06
10.06 - 18.06
18.06 - 26.06
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Thanks for the update, Emily! :) I love the new jewelry, so happy we got more pink earrings because we only had 1 pair.  Not a big fan of the recolored clothes, most of these don't come as good as the original ones, maybe because of the new colors you guys use. 

Can't wait for the limited sales! I hope some are for diamonds and not just cash!

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