Updates - 5/13/15

Today's Updates:

* Added Harajuku Seasonal Quest.

* Added Prom Queen Fashion Slots.

* Added new products to the NEW category.

* Added limited item sale for Mila Collection. (will be active on May 15)

* Converted some Event themes to Fash Cup themes.

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Thanks for the update! Loving the new Slots outfit and can't wait for the Mila collection dress! :)

and btw the Tiara task/quest looks glitched! 

Nice one new fash cup theme:)


Okay I love this game but...Are you out of your ever loving mind? The second part of the quest you have to spend 200 keys. Thank you but no! I don't want the oufit that bad!


There is a problem in the 4th step of Marco quest. We are told to enter the fashcup but it's not registering it. I have tried entering by clicking on the "show me" button in the quest and in the old fashioned way but neither one is working. I've read that other people are having the same issue. 

It's May 16th and there's no sign of the Mila collection dress :( I'm hoping it's just some technical problems and that it will be released soon and not that you guys decided to pull it out. 

Any news if the Mila dress will be released? and when? thanks! 

How many events are converted in new fash themes? 

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