Updates - 4/29/15

 Hi there! New updates today.

* Added new Bingo game. (Diving Suit)

* Added Mother's Day seasonal quest (starts on May 6th 2015)

* Added new Like button and Like popup. (the arrow will disappear after the first click)

* Added new products to the "New" category.

* Added Mila Collection sale. (starts April 30 2015)

* Fixed Neighbor issue.


Thank you Maddy for the clarification about the dress, even though I did not buy, nor would have at this point in time. But, I am still working on building my wardrobe though. 

I do have a question for you regarding the neighborhood edit list: What is the maximum number of possible neighbors that the edit list can hold as to finding new neighbors? I have over 2k FB friends, which almost everyone does play Flashland. I have about 150 friends that do not play this particular game. 

When I click on the link to send out help request to complete a task, everyone on my FB list shows up...and I do mean everyone, of course, except for the very few that do not play Fashland (But they do show up on the particular list to send out an invitation to play).  When I click on the neighborhood list for editing/deleting, smh, I cannot locate people to add. I am guessing, once you hit the max number for the edit list there is no revising that particular list nor will it ever have the ability to rotate possible neighborhood list? 

oh and I just saw the "earn 10 tiara points" task! that looks a bit hard but fun lol thanks for changing the tasks a bit :) 

I just want to say that I really liked the "earn 15 keys" task in the Marco quest! it was something different to do :)

opps, typo on my reply to Ophelia lol... I meant: "aren't" always as great as the original one. 

too bad we can't edit our posts like on the old forum!

What about more business hats? is it possible to get more new ones too?

Ophelia: I know we got new items for diamonds last week, but they aren't actually "new", they are just a recolored version of another item we already have, and tbh, these recolored items are always as great as the original one. 

Also, most of the limited clothes we've had in the past have been from previous Marco quests, which is great for newer players, but I (like any older player) already have most of them, so there isn't really anything new for me to buy with my diamonds. This is why I think there isn't a reason for older players to keep buying diamonds if we won't be able to buy anything "new".

Thanks for the explanation, Maddy. But I am sad to read that you guys have decided not to release future collection dresses :( I've been playing this game for a long time and it's very exciting for me when we get new clothes, specially limited (or from mini games) because they feel extra special! :)

I think you should keep releasing them, but for a fairer price. I still think $10 (or 10 Euros) was waaaaay too much for that dress, I would have loved to buy it, if it had been a little cheaper and I'm sure you would have had more buyers as well. I know that these features are like a luxury in the game and we don't need to have them to be able to play, and I'm ok with that, I don't mind spending on a game, I just don't like it when the item feels like it's overpriced.


So you're saying because someone decided to lie and troll, we aren't going to have the opportunity to get anything else from the Mila collection? That's ridiculous. I was looking forward to seeing what all the items were going to be. I really don't understand why you would scrap an entire collection because of the actions of one player.

Jenn: There were at least 7 new items that cost diamonds released just last week, so Fashland is obviously not making diamonds useless.

Hi everyone :) 

Hope you are all doing great! I wish you all a happy week! 

Okay, I understand your concerns about the Mila Dress we offered last week. First let me say that the first release was a fail (lol) because we didn't want that dress to be visible in the dress up menu. Also the price of the dress (150 diamonds) wasn't the real price, luckily nobody bought it at that time. After couple of days we offered that dress from a limited sale for 10 Dollars. I don't know who started that chaos but players started to say that some bought the dress for 10 diamonds. THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE! Players love trolling other players, this has happened so many times in the past. But our loyal players who really wanted to have the product and purchased with real money started to complain about this. And after couple of hours this silly joke / troll or whatever you call reach large masses, that's why we deactivated the offer and i don't think we'll offer that dress or any other dress from the collection in the near future. It was very sad to receive all these hater feedbacks just because a thing we never did lol! 

Additionally i want to clarify that these limited/special sales are additional features of the game. We don't require players to purchase them. This is also valid for mini-games. These are the subsidiary features of the game. I know that everyone want to have a new product when it released but there are some standarts, rules and ways to make an offer. Analysts set the prices of the items according to the user reports and sale trends of previous offers. Please keep in mind that each game has a different pricing, offering and game balance. This cannot be modified easily otherwise it will change all of the game balance :/ 

For our future limited sale plans, i'll do my best to lower down the prices but unfortunately i cannot promise :( I'm also a player myself, sometimes even i have hard times to play the game lol :D Believe me, i totally understand you but there are limited things i can do :/ 

Anyway i just wanted to make an explanation about this sale confusion, hope it's clear now :/ let me know if you need further information :) 

I agree with Mea Dunford! what is the purpose of having diamond offers if they (diamonds) are going to be useless? some of the older players have already bought all the diamond clothes/accessories they wanted and only buy diamonds for future clothes releases, but why should we keep buying them if all the limited items are going to be sold for cash? 

It would also be nice if everyone got the same offer, because I heard that some people had this dress for sale for 10 diamonds, while others (like myself) for $10! which is not very fair. :/  

And btw, why was the dress pulled out so quickly? It was released on Thursday morning and by Friday morning it was gone! I don't think it sold out that fast, and if it was a 24 hour sale it should have been specified. 

Jenn: the tech support people told me they're charging money because there was the glitch that gave some players free diamonds. They want to avoid people benefiting from cheat engines or glitches. I think it's understandable and keeps the game fair, but the prices just didn't seem right now. For UK players the Mila collection dress was 10 pounds (almost 16 USD), for US players 10 USD and for us who pay in Euros it was 7 Eur (8 USD), so the UK players end up paying twice what Euro area players pay for the same dress.

Btw, what happened to that Mila collection dress? It's not available as limited item anymore, and I have a hard time believing over 250 dresses at that price would've sold in just a few hours.

"* Fixed Neighbor issue. "...This has not been fixed. I am missing 16 from my original neighborhood, this happened on the 29th. And I can't find a lot of my friends at all on the "edit neighborhood list" to add and this has been going on for several weeks as well. I have submitted a ticket and the issue has been sent to the developers, but I was not able to given a time frame. So now I wait!!!   :)

Personally, I believe all of the limited items are over priced, but what the market will bear right? They are still selling fast enough to be gone in a couple days so it can't be too much to a portion of the playing population. I do agree though that the currency flipping is distasteful. Not everyones income lines up with having cash on hand at that moment. If it were in diamonds consistantly players would be more likely to impulse buy as well. So, I don't get that even from a business standpoint. Your just alienating some of your players away from the product. Players that might buy gems in advance to wait for a good limited dress to come along so that it's there even when they've expended their paycheck, only to find that this week on this dress you've shifted currencies again. It's bad business ethics, and it's bad business. Just my opinion.

Also, why don't just charge diamonds (for the limited clothes) instead of real money? I think it would be a lot easier and fair for the players.

I think the Mila collection dress is way overpriced! yes, it's pretty but $10 is way too much! I think $5 (like you've charged before) is still high but reasonable! please consider lowering the price and also on future "Mila Collection" clothes. 

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