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Marco quests "progress" arrow

 Hi :)

I'd like to suggest adding the "Progress!" arrow to the Marco quests.  There's so much to complete and I feel like I'm constantly clicking on his face to check that I have for example, clicked on 12 clients or given glitter to 10 clients etc.  The progress arrow is great for the other quests and I believe it would help us all out just see that we've completed the little tasks and then still have Marco pop up when we've completed minor and major tasks.

Thanks! :)

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Lovely idea!


Also, I just lost 4 diamonds because I accidentally clicked on "complete" instead of "show me" in the Marco quest :'( Can you please put a little pop up window in to ask if the player does want to use x amount of diamonds to complete the task? I can't believe I just lost 4 of my 7 diamonds (that are impossible to earn for free mind you!) because there was no pop up :( :( :( :( :(


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Same thing happened to me for something easy like visit neighbours


Same thing happened to me too.  I accidentally clicked the same button but for a task that said for me to display and deliver boho style clothes.  -_-

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