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Message Boards for the shops?

What is we had a message board for our shops that let visitors know what's going on?

It could be used to request certain items to be clicked on, it could let people know when neighbors are away from their shops, it could tell how long they've been away, stuff like that.


"Welcome to ___________ Boutique!! Please click the 2 day items first" - (the player's first name) *updated 3/26/15"

"Welcome to ___________ Boutique!! Click the dirty items first please" - (the player's first name) *updated 2/26/15"

"Welcome to ___________ Boutique!! I will be away from the shop" - (the player's first name) *updated 1/10/15"

Also maybe a bubble or light next to the neighbor boxes at the bottom of your shop to inform us who's currently online playing so we can send requests to those online only?

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