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Saving earlier results and voting changes

My suggestion has 2 parts. First is that it would be great if the game saved the player's results. Now we can only see the last Fash cup's result, and if someone has missed a theme they also miss their results from one theme. I'd love it if the game stored e.g. 5 last results and that we could choose our favorites/best scores from our results and make a "fashion portfolio" of them. The "suggest style"-function is annoying now. The only thing people use it for is to get the chick list filled, so how about replacing that silly thing with a portfolio-making and result-saving function?

The 2nd thing is about Fash cups. The voting system needs some serious changes for it to become truly working and realistic:

-Get the "random" computer generated dolls and computer votes for the most "appropriate" look out. Randoms just skew the results and the vote favoring one single style is unrealistic and kills all creativity. The devs say they don't describe the themes so that people would be creative. Still they make the vote favor one single style, so it's more like a trap: be creative and the voting system lynches you.

-If the current system is working, why can one doll with certain look make global nr1 and other in the exact same look get only 70%? Yeah, changes are needed.

-The current system in general also is unrealistic when people vote what they think others have chosen, the results can come up crazy. The vote should only be based on what the voter likes, not what others may have liked.

-No comparison between 2 looks, please. The only thing that should matter, is how good your look is. Now horrible looks can even get to global by being lucky with what they have been paired against, and good looks can get really bad results because they've been paired with so many other good looks.

- Making sure that all looks get voted the equal amount of times. Sometimes it's painfully obvious that some good look hasn't gotten voted as much as others. Many players with dolls in popular clothes  get bad scores in the theme, when someone else in the same look gets to global and others get 5 tiaras. Obviously that doll hasn't been voted as much, so that dolls result can't have risen to the same level as others.

Please consider changing these things! I love this game and am a regular player and paying customer. LOL

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Hey Tiina,

These are all super good suggestion but as one long list like this they won't get any attention from the devs. In the future I advise you to post each suggestion separately so that others can comment/vote specifically on that suggestion and we can reply more clearly. Thanks!


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