Updates - 2/18/15

 Release Notes (18.02.2015)


* Added new seasonal quest - hint: for funfair theme :) - 25.02.2015 - 11.03.2015

* Added new bingo game - hint: for royal style :) - 04.03.2015 - 18.03.2015

* Changed the bottom of fashion slots game.

* Added re-colored gloves, an espadrille, a hat and a helmet. (check out the new category)


Yea!!! Super excited!! :) 

Thank you for the new items! It's nice to have some basic gloves in a variety of colors :)

Also looking forward to the new Marco and bingo game, however, is there anything that can be done about getting the old bottoms from the slots game? Maybe giving us a choice of which version we want or putting them in the shop for keys/diamonds (but giving them for free to the people who had already won them prior to the change, of course)? A LOT of my friends are upset about this change and prefer the old bottoms.

Hello team .  I do not understand because they have changed skirt slot machine . I liked the other. :(

Hi guys,

We are planning to add the other bottom back into the Dress Up menu. I'll let you know when we can expect it (maybe by the end of the week).


How in the world is lingerie suitable for a royal theme? When can this game expect less sexist outfits?

Why was it changed at all? I don't understand. We have loads of skirts to begin with and the retro skirt that was in bingo last time is almost exactly the same color and length, but we only have a couple of bikini bottoms so the other bottom is more useful.

I am super excited about the NEW BINGO coming 03/04/2015!! Woot! Woot! I am encouraging my group members to get to VOTING and save up those KEYS!! Thank you to the DEV's for all the hard work! It's super hard, you can't please everyone, however I think you're stepping it up a notch and I LOVE IT!! Keep up the good work! 

I just want to say that I LOOOOOVE the new Bingo game outfit!!! the headpiece, top and shoes are beautiful!! Thank you!!!! 

EAGERLY awaiting the NEW Seasonal Quest!! Woot! Woot! Marco...I know you're gonna smash it! YEA!!  

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