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New Theme for Fantasy Style Clothes

Fashland has so may beautiful Fantasy dresses and gowns, When are we going to have a NEW THEME that allows us to wear fantasy clothes exclusively..I mean Fantast theme in which Fantasy is the Primary category. thnx

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Great idea, Violet!


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Like an 'Enchanted Forest' for those with the fairy dresses (Which are pointless in the ballgown theme!) You could just add the 'Magic Castle' backdrop from the photoshoot to the themes?

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I like the idea and it would also be nice to have more separates [Tops & Bottoms] in the the Fantasy category. The one pieces are amazing but there are times when separates are needed.


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Still waiting on a exclusive " Fantasy" Theme in Fantasy ensembles are Principal Category! Most of my fantasy attire is going to waste....Pleeese make it happen. Thank You

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