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Fashland Groups

Looking for friends? You're in the right place. You may post links to your Fashland Groups here. I will list a few communities I'm aware of to get you started.

Fashland Divas

Club Fashland

Fashland Wiki

Fashland Neighbors Group

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I have a group called Fashland Dazzling Dolls. The link is!/groups/FashlandDazzlingDolls/?fref=nf

Hi! I have a group filled with lots of very kind and helpful people. I try my best to provide updated information as I  find it. I check groups, Gamegos Support, Twitter and Fashland Wiki. I don't run lots of contests, do not tolerate negativity or drama. Would LOVE to have YOU as a member! :)

Hola un grupo completamente en español. Aqui encontraras muy buenas vecinas y sobre todo amigas ven y unete a nuestro grupo te esperamos


the group is Italian ... but for requests always serve many friends playing and we will find many and at all hours ...please come!

I have a new group Called Fashland Sisterhood

I hope you will join us! We are small but growing, come on in!


welcome  to  my  group FASHLAND BRASIL GRUPO  OFICIAL

A new, fun, friendly, international group:


We r Fashland Queens, we r the biggest group for Fashland on Facebook, we have over 5000 members, we have admins that speak all languages to help everyone, u will find everything u look for in our group :D

Hi all if you are looking for a group please check us out. We are small and growing our members are awesome and very helpful and worldwide while we don't speak every language we do like to have fun. It is an 18 and over group. If you are looking to add and interact with good people this is the group for you.

I have a group called FASHLAND PORTUGAL. The link is

O endereço do Grupo e e-mail são:

(28.7 KB)
(41.2 KB)

Fashland Fairplay Community:

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