Character Frequency of Quests Quests End
Char 2 1 small
at least 2 every level Level 150


Char 1 1
at least 2 every levels, plus quest chains every 10 levels, until level 150; one quest every 10 levels after level 153 Level 203


Char 4 1
A new quest is generated every time one is complete quests do not end


Char 3 1
New quest appears every 10-15 days; can only be completed seasonally, do not reappear quests expire with time

I don't have any more quests. What happened to them?

Mila's quests end at level 150. Gloria's quests end at level 203. Simone's quest never end and every quest of hers that you do is added to your total and will count toward the next promotion stand when it is released. Marco's quests are released roughly every two weeks and always offer at least 4 new products.

Will there be more quests for higher level players?

Yes. The development team is working on this now.