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Cafeland on android-catering

Catering order is not counting food items and wont let me fill order. Out of the 3 to cook, last one Calls for 4k items , i cooked 12k and it still wont count the order to be finished. Running out of time on order, please help.

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I have the same problem and Shirley. This has happened several times now. I cant fill the truck, nor can I send a partially filled truck. (As Ive already filled 2 out of 3 items asked for). Not only do I have to wait until the truck leaves after 8 + hours, then I have to wait another 4+ for its return in order to "Maybe" get to fill the next orders. How do we fix this?


I'm having the same problem as well. I've only been able to complete 1 catering truck before this started happening.
I am using iPhone, not android. But same problem! Hope they fix this soon and give us some kind of credit. It is frustrating ! Takes a lot of time to collect items ordered and then can't fill truck!
Gamegos did respond to me about this issue. They said that if the order has a gold chefs hat in the top left corner of the food the catering truck is requesting, it has to be mastered first. Hope this helps.
Thanks so much for the answer Ursula. I hadn't thought of that.
Thank you Ursula. That helps so much! I had not thought of that either.


How do you unlock catering order?
Mine is not isn't counting food either, I guess I have to send the truck not being finished, first time this happened, hope they fix this issue
I lost 2 counters with the food on it, refrigerator, Arcade Galaxy. Had to rebuy everything in order to continue playing.
Your better person than me, I wouldn't have bought anything, where's customer service? They should've replaced everything, if customer service is like that and I have more problems, I'll delete game

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