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Themes that need more choices

Hi, I love Fashland, but there are quite a few Fashcup themes were there isn't a lot of choices available to dress your doll.

80s Disco
20s Cabaret
Mystic Forest
Fun Fair

Here are some ideas for 20s Cabaret.  The movie Great Gatsby would be a great reference for  Fashion of that time.  We especially need accessories for this theme

80s disco .. This theme needs a LOT of help.  The 80s was all bold shapes and bright colors.  Color blocking, puffy sleeves, and shoulder pads...

(65.4 KB)

Mystic Forest- So is this theme supposed to be based on the movie Avatar?  Because I don't think that is very clear.  Maybe a Marco quest would help make it more clear to voters.    Otherwise people treat it as more of a fairy forest, which works too.  A dress with Fairy wings would be awesome

(344 KB)
(21.3 KB)

There's options for Mystic Forest but not everyone is familiar with the movie. If they want to do colored skin they have to pay with diamonds. Am a bit upset with the Fun Fair as it looks to take place in the 50s so I dressed in 50s attire; we need jackets that are separate from tops.

A nice pink, open jacket would've completed my Pink Ladies look nicely; along with a black version of these capris.


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Last I want to address Funfair.  This is one crazy mixed up theme!  Right now anything goes, but it would be great to have a Marco Quest with something from the movie Grease, since that's what the Fun Fair is from.

(132 KB)

Topaz, I agree about Mystic forest.  That's why I think a Marco Quest would help.  Dressing for the theme based on the movie doesn't vote well at all, so I usually treat it more like a fairy forest, and get better votes.    Blue skin, like the movie, also doesn't vote well, but green skin votes ok.

funfair is definitely one of the most confusing themes.  These are looks one might think would win, but they flop horribly.image

Wouldn't mind the Marco Quest but hope they don't go over board with asking friends for stuff and tiara points. Secondly, we need that lime dress the girl is wearing.


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