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Why Seasonal Quest Outfits Dominating Top 10 for past few days

For the past few days Seasonal Quest Outfits have been dominating the Top 10 lists for the past few days regardless of the theme. What's going on with the Fash Cup because as of late, nothings been adding up nor matching the themes.

I love it when new themes for the FashCup come but don't love it when then the joy is ruined by dominant, non-fitting outfits keep placing. Devs keep saying nothing is wrong but many see otherwise. Why have themes when they aren't adhered to?

Below is my outfit for the Horse Riding Club which matches the figure in the background on the horse.

Yet, this is 1 of 10, in the Top 10. You don't need to see the others because they all are wearing the exact, or near exact same thing.

Hi Topaz,

We can't control the way the players vote. Many say they want more rules, others say they want more freedom. We have tried several strategies and the current system is the best we can do for the time being. Fashland is already nearly four years old and it won't be getting a huge overhaul, especially regarding voting, before the end of its lifetime. We appreciate your feedback and know you have been giving it since the beginning, so you are very familiar with the changes the voting has seen. It's not perfect, but aside from handpicking what we like the best (disregarding player votes altogether), it is impossible to ensure that the top 10 looks will match the theme. We leave that to voters. If you don't like the results, encourage others to change the way they vote.


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