Updates - 3/2/16

 Today's updates -

- St.Patrick's Day seasonal theme

- St.Patrick's Day bingo theme

- St.Patrick's day decorations

- New Floor Tiles

- New Hairstyles

- New Eyeshadow

- Wild West Contest theme (March 18, after Golf Resort theme)


Hi could give me the pictures of the three new events I please am manager of a group and one page


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Hi Emily.

I am having a little trouble keeping updated (to pass it on to a group). 

It would be nice if the updates you post are always on top (newest first). Is that a possibility?

And as the one asked on top of me, it would be nice with pictures.

:D Now they are actually posted as I would like them to be - but wasnt the last time I was here

Hi Liva,

You can hit the "Follow" button in the main category page to get email notifications whenever we post an update, too :)


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