"Enter Fash Cup" task has been changed!

 Hi all,

It used to be the case that any task requiring you to "Enter the Fash Cup" would be automatically completed if you had your avatar entered into the current contest, regardless of whether you entered her before the Seasonal Quest started.

Now you will need to enter your avatar into the following contest (one that starts after that step of the Seasonal Quest is started). This may mean you have to wait up to 12 hours before you can complete that quest task.

We are making this change due to the fact that on average, players were able to complete the 2-week quest chain in less than 1 hour.

These quests are mean to last one week or more. We especially want advanced players to have something to do and work on if they have already completed all of the quests in the game.

Please accept that this is a more fair approach and we know you will still have fun working to complete the seasonal quests as fast as possible :)

All the best!

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Thank you for making changes in the quests! I've been enjoying them more since they no longer feel like a competition on who finishes them first lol 

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