Updates - 4/8/15

 Release Notes (08.04.2015)



- Added Skater Girl seasonal quest.

- Added past products for sale.

- Added colored products for sale.



***IMPORTANT: Still waiting a reply from Facebook about the request problem. We'll let you know when the problem is fixed. 

Please let us know as soon as possible,,,we all waiting to send request, Thanks!!! <3

This is taking a long time to be fixed.


Its not their fault they are trying their best

To be fair, no one said it was their fault, just that it was taking some time. :) As long as it gets fixed a bit before Marcos quest expires, I won't be upset, lol. Faster being better of course, but so long as it doesn't hinder the ability to unlock the limited time stuff, it's not exactly anything more than an annoyance.

I can't send any equests whatsoever. I do not get my neighbours requests either. Please help' (I double chekced the problem several times, nothing semmes to work...)


The problem started again.

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