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Cheaters in Fashland

First of all, I would like to say thank you to the Gamegos team for great games like Fashland and Caféland.

I really enjoy playing them!

But (and sorry if I do it publicy but there's no email address or way to contact you directly) you should look for cheaters. I spent real money on your games and it's not fair on me (or anyone like me who likes to play fair) to see that other players have got everything, and when I say everything I really mean it (every shade of hair color; every diamond dress you could possibly buy; every freaking accessory). I already have a bunch of people in my contacts who are clearly cheating... If I know it, how come you don't? How is it possible that someone has 9999 diamonds without spending a penny? Double check guys. That's all I'm saying. Because if that's how you do it, then I'm gonna do the same (what's the point for me to spend real money for 30 diamonds when I can have 9999 for free, right?)

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