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Fashland App

There was talk about a Fashland app coming out at the end of 2014 and since it's now 2015, I'm just wondering if the app is still happening?

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I like the idea for a mobile app but I would have love for it to be connected to my FB game where I can just play it when I am not near a computer.

I wasn't aware of this, so cool, it would be nice for players of the original FB version if they got some sort of reward for playing both. :)

Thanks for the response, Emily! I'm looking forward to playing the app when it comes out :)

 Hi Christina,

The mobile app is currently in development for Android and iOS. Note that it will not be connected to your FB Fashland game and has a few different gameplay mechanisms, which we hope are improvements over the Facebook version.

Thanks for your question/suggestion, and look forward to this app being released in 2015.

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