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Add New Fash Cup Themes


A Dinner/Restaurant Background

At the Spa

A Garden

A Movie Theater

1950's Sock Hop

Dark Castle/Gothic Castle

Renaissance Faire or Medieval Fair

Rainforest (with a waterfall?)

Road Trip (grand canyon?)

Concert/Music Festival

Candy Shop/Icecream Shop

BBQ Party

Coffee Shop

Horse Club

First Date
Job Interview
Relaxing Around the House
Comic Book Convention
Tea Party
Going to a Theme Park
Meeting Royalty
Pajama party

pool party

going to the market

army theme

race event

beach party

circus tent

Prom Event

Cowboy Event/Rodeo

Harajuku Street
Masquerade Ball

Got more ideas? Add them below!

Sunset in Sedona Event Theme

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Please add Angkor Wat fashcup and apsaraclosth

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Eu acho que muitas roupas não combinam com os temas,e votações de Cups as bonecas vão a Top Mundial,Vizinhos e País com roupas que não tem nada haver com o tema.Seria bom receber roupas para cada tema,Cada vez desanimo de colocar roupa certa do tema e tirar porcentagens muito baixas.E ver bonecas com roupas totalmente fora do tema indo para Top.

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I'd love to see an Irish Theme, maybe Irish pub? Dublin?  An old Castle?

Also, Since we have so many Indian and Chinese holiday outfits as well, it would be nice to see China Wall, or Taj Mahal as themes.  Or Maybe Forbidden Palace for China, or Bollywood for India?

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I like a lot of the new themes we've been getting lately, but a) Yoga wasn't named so everyone was confused about it. b) We have no clothes for Mystic Forest, so everyone treats it like a fairy forest, instead of Pandora from Avatar.

One thing I was thinking though, I would like to see a Beauty Pageant.  I think most people treat Fashion Show as a beauty pageant and it would be nice to see them seperate

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Those on the ice and pirate themes would be lovely, the pyjama party too. Roman empire would be nice in theory, but I can just imagine how it would be in practice: an endless line of Cleopatra dresses (just like Egypt theme is now). 

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we really need an Irish theme 


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Colosseum-Roman times

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Carnevale (both Brazil and Italy versions)

Mardi Gras

comic book convention -  Costume Contest

surfs up

sleep over

book club


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Pyjamas party would be very nice!! Specially with the new lingerine! I also like the camping idea!

I would also like to see some of these in the game:

On the Ice
Roman Empire

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SOme kind of convention? like Comicon or Anime conventions?
then maybe a school hallway
Maybe something school-anime themed?
Noodle shop idk


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Fabulous! I can't wait and it will create all sorts of exciting new opportunities for  fashion design from Marco! Kudos to all for steppin' it up a notch! Woot! Woot! 

A new theme on the ice skating with new dresses for figure skating and skates. :)

Este ano em agosto aqui no Rio de Janeiro Brasil,começará as Olimpíadas,seria um ótimo tema  Jogos Olímpicos e Paralimpicos - Olimpiadas Rio 2016 - Ginástica rítmica - feminino Conjunto-com Alguns ACESSÓRIOS Como Fitas,medalhas, bambolês, bolas, bastões, ACESSÓRIOS parágrafo Cabelo sapatilhas, colant e Meias.Espero muito ver este tema ou outro relacionado as olimpiadas aqui no Rio de Janeiro/BR.Obrigada pela atenção.

RJ 30/03/2016

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