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Add New Fash Cup Themes


A Dinner/Restaurant Background

At the Spa

A Garden

A Movie Theater

1950's Sock Hop

Dark Castle/Gothic Castle

Renaissance Faire or Medieval Fair

Rainforest (with a waterfall?)

Road Trip (grand canyon?)

Concert/Music Festival

Candy Shop/Icecream Shop

BBQ Party

Coffee Shop

Horse Club

First Date
Job Interview
Relaxing Around the House
Comic Book Convention
Tea Party
Going to a Theme Park
Meeting Royalty
Pajama party

pool party

going to the market

army theme

race event

beach party

circus tent

Prom Event

Cowboy Event/Rodeo

Harajuku Street
Masquerade Ball

Got more ideas? Add them below!

Sunset in Sedona Event Theme

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A new theme on the ice skating with new dresses for figure skating and skates. :)

Este ano em agosto aqui no Rio de Janeiro Brasil,começará as Olimpíadas,seria um ótimo tema  Jogos Olímpicos e Paralimpicos - Olimpiadas Rio 2016 - Ginástica rítmica - feminino Conjunto-com Alguns ACESSÓRIOS Como Fitas,medalhas, bambolês, bolas, bastões, ACESSÓRIOS parágrafo Cabelo sapatilhas, colant e Meias.Espero muito ver este tema ou outro relacionado as olimpiadas aqui no Rio de Janeiro/BR.Obrigada pela atenção.

RJ 30/03/2016

ginástica rítmica, com fitas, arcos e bolas, roupas de banho

A few more thoughts.... (I'm annoying that way ^.^) some more abstract themes might get more variety, like a candy land sweets and treats style theme as an example, some pearly cloudy gates for a heavenly angel feel to counter all those spooky styles, someone mentioned there not being much that fit for faires, so maybe an over-sized garden setting, so that players could look like wee folk. To get more uses out of masks and the like, you could have a rooftop scene with a "bat-signal" replacing the bat with a FL or something like that, and get some superhero couture going on. Ok, I'm sure I'll be back in a while with more silly ideas. :)

Rockstar theme, Emo theme, independence day theme, sports, and music artists... that's all I could think of so far.

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some thoughts, milkshake joint (Like Johnny Rockets) for a retro theme that would suit poodle skirts etc, on board an interstellar star craft, and maybe a roller blading or figure skating rink for some sporty action. Just some thoughts.


I like many of those but some would just turn into re-runs of already existing themes. For example, if we had a beach party theme everyone would wear exactly what they wear to Hawaii theme or Yacht deck and it wouldn't end up giving us anything new.

One has to remember that majority of players aren't that innovative or accepting of new ideas. That's why every theme that can be turned into something already existing will get turned. The new themes should be such that they leave no room for that. Coffee club got made into a rerun of Paris cafe in a heartbeat and Deserted planet top is exactly as Space age night club. In Mayan ruins the global lists are inseparable from African sunset global lists. So the new themes would need to be something completely different.

Also it would be nice if devs remembered that not nearly all of us are American. Themes already are culturally biased, and adding only more American stuff is really narrow-minded. There's an entire world outside America with all sorts of possibilities for clothes and themes. Bollywood, Chinese new year, Rio carnival, Venice carnival, Colosseum, Mount Olympus, climbing Kilimanjaro or Aconcagua, Tet festival, Christmas in Lapland, Octoberfest, May Day in Russia, Easter Island, streets of Addis Ababa, Copenhagen Tivoli, etc. And looks could also be done without cultural appropriation. I think it's pretty awful to add a Native American headdress into the game as a fashion piece...

I liked the introduction of Shibuya Nights since there is a plethora of fashions on display by both shops and residents which range from traditional to modern. Hopefully the Top 10 will showcase variety for this one. 

Some other ideas:

  • Vineyard
  • major outdoor music fest/event
  • Carnivale (Italy)
  • Sandboarding
  • Voice-over Studio (abstract but no overly fancy gear)
  • Animation Studio
  • Aquarium
  • Scuba diving/snorkeling
  • furniture shopping or shopping for home decor
  • Book Sale
  • Visiting the Library
  • Sporting Event Participant/Host
  • Photo Shoot Photographer
  • Art Studio
  • Barista
  • Farmer
  • spring cleaning
  • binge watching/couch potata (watching your favorite shows back to back)
  • Farmer's Market
  • Preparing for Bake Sale
  • 1950s Fashion World Tour (exploring fashion of the times across the world)
  • Baseball/Soccer/Basketball/American Football Events
  • Fencing
  • Writing a Novel

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i don't know if this was suggested yet, but a Film Noir theme might be fun!  


"A Day at the Races" theme would be cool! Maybe grandstands, stables, a warm-up paddock, and/or a could have fun with fancy hats and cocktail dresses or even have a jockey outfit quest for people to use with that theme. Some kind of Superhero theme would be awesome too!

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