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Lower the Price of Expansions

Expansion prices are so high! Most people can't afford them. Can you make the prices lower?

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Gosh the prices are high for expansion. I've just expand to 24 x 24 and it cost 200.000 and the next expansion will cost me 500.000. Cant you lower the price??


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you say you lowered the prices it is still 30,000,000 coins to go to a 19x19 and can't afford it when we don't get cash for the goals and be using all your coins,so how did you all lower the prices? 

It is totally not fair that the last 2 expansions are only available by purchase with CC and no way will most of us ever be able to even afford the 4000 cc for the 21X21 expansion, let alone the 5000 cc for the 22X22.  We should be given the same option of buying those last 2 expansions with coins, same as we were able to with all the previous ones.  Not only that, a lot of people took advantage of the slot machine glitch last year and ended up with so much CC that they not only bought those last 2 expansions at very low levels in the game, but also many of the faster cooking stoves and other items that could only be bought with CC.   I can live without the fast cooking stoves, since I will never have enough CC to buy them with the meager amounts I earn from leveling up.  But it sure isn't fair to not be able to buy those last 2 expansions with coins and I do think this requirement should be changed.

We did this. I hope you like the new prices!


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